We buy technology businesses that look like the following:

Transaction Dynamics

Transaction Dynamics

  • Recurring revenue technology businesses with unmet potential.

  • Tired and/or motivated sellers.

  • Situations: Corporate divestitures, broken processes and end-of-fund life investments are our preferred ponds in which to fish.



  • Bias towards North America and Europe.

  • Main markets: USA Canada Europe Australia New Zealand

Company Size

Company Size

  • Greater than $15m USD in revenue and profitable (or near term path to profitability).

  • Will consider smaller transactions in unique situations.

How you can help

Team/Division Liftouts

If you work within a large corporation and want us to support you in a buyout of a division with even greater potential, please reach out to us to discuss partnership opportunities. From our experience, business independence and a reboot of entrepreneurial spirit can create tons of value, and we'd love to help you.


If you own a recurring revenue business you want to sell to responsible stewards, we are a great resource for you. We will protect your brands, customers and reputation. We work on a select number of businessess per year, so by working with us, you can rely upon our constant attention and devotion. Contact us!


If you have a client selling a business, please contact us to discuss how we might be able to help your client as a Buyer. We promise honest and rapid responsiveness.